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Hairy Mary – 9
The Palais’ own Bloody Mary
Vodka, Secret Spice Mix, Tomato Juice

The Blossom – 9.5
A Tropical Infusion
Vodka, Passoa, Plum Sake, Passionfruit, Citrus

I’m Still Dancin’ Daquiri – 8.5
Pineapple and Lychee Daiquiri
Dead Man’s Fingers Pineapple Rum, Lychee Liqueur, Saline, Citrus

Hallelujah Margarita – 9
Lemon and Ginger Margarita
Silver Tequila, Limoncello, Ginger Syrup, Citrus

Rose-lea Spritz – 9
Grapefruit and Lillet Spritz
Whitley Neill Pink Grapefruit Gin, Lillet Rose, Prosecco, Soda

Armadale Old Fashioned – 9.5
Peach and Lavender Old Fashioned
Hudson Bourbon, Lavender Syrup, Peach Bitters

Denny Smash – 8.5
Honey and Peach Smash – Jack Daniels Honey, Creme de Peche, Citrus, Mint

Blandford Bramble – 8.5
Gooseberry and Strawberry Bramble
Whitley Neill Gooseberry Gin, Strawberry, Citrus

Braw Beatstalker – 9
Rum Runner
Dead Man’s Fingers Spiced Rum, Xante, Orgeat, Citrus, Vanilla, Pineapple

Duke Street Twist – 8.5
A Fruity Infusion
Stoli Raspberry Vodka, Green Melon Liqueur, Cointreau,
Raspberry, Passionfruit, Citrus


Baby Guinness
Tia Maria, Baileys

Frangelico, Tia Maria, Baileys

Slippery Nipple
Sambuca, Grenadine, Baileys

Jammy Dodger
Cream, Chambord, Sugar

Mint Aero
Creme de Menthe, Baileys


Jager, Redbull

Triple Sec, Redbull

Dr Pepper Bomb
Amaretto, Cola, Lager

Raspberry Vodka, Redbull

DMF Coconut, Redbull

Passion and Ginger No-jito – 6.50
Passionfruit, Mint, Citrus, Ginger Beer

Lavender Lemonade – 6
Lavender, Lemon, Soda, Basil

Apple Fizz – 6
Apple, Lemon, Mint, Soda

ALL £8

A 50ml measure of your favourite Whitley Neill Gin exquisitely prepared with the perfect garnish and paired with Fever-Tree Tonic water

with orange and a single dash of bitters

Rhubarb and Ginger
with a dehydrated lemon wheel

Parma Violet
with violas and a dehydrated lemon wheel

with fresh clapped mint and blackberries

Blood Orange
with a dehydrated orange slice

with fresh raspberries and a lemon slice

Pink Grapefruit
with a slice of dehydrated grapefruit

Corona 3.80

Budweiser 3.60

Desperados 3.50

Peroni 3.80

Weinstephaner 5.20

Furstenberg 5.00

Joker IPA 5.00

Ceasar Augustus 5.00

Magners Original 4.80

Magners Dark Fruit 4.80

Rekorderlig Bottles 4.80

Heineken 0% 3.50

Furstenberg 0% 4.80

Peroni Libera 3.80

Strawberry and Lime Rekorderlig 0% 4.80

Draught ½ Pint / Pint

House Lager 2.25 / 4.50

Madri 2.75 / 5.50

Staropramen 2.95 / 5.90

Coors Light 2.50 / 5.50

Blue Moon 2.95 / 5.90

Cheiftan IPA 2.95 / 5.90

Guinness 2.50 / 5.00

Aspall 2.50 / 5.00

Rekorderlig 2.95 / 5.90

All £5.50

Tiny Rebel CLWB Tropica, 5.5%
Tiny Rebel Stay Puft, 5.2%
Tiny Rebel Peaches and Cream, 5.5%
Tiny Rebel Pump Up The Jam, 5%
Tiny Rebel CWTCH, 4.6%

Drygate Crossing the Rubicon, 6.9%
Drygate Disco Forklift Truck, 5.1%
Drygate Orinoco, 6%

Beavertown Gamma Ray, 4.5%
Beavertown Lupoloid, 6.7%
Brewgooder Clearwater Lager, 4.5%

Stewart Brewing First World Problems, 6.2%
Stewart Brewing Radical Road, 6.4%

175ML / 250ML / BTL

Viura, Vina Temprana (vg) 4.50 / 6.00 / 18.00

Pinot Grigio, Folonari 5.00 / 6.50 / 20.00

Sauvignon Blanc, Tierra Del Ray 5.50 / 7.00 / 22.00

Fiano (vg) 25.95
Miopasso, Sicily, Italy
The perfectly ripened grapes combine with crisp, citrus acidity, to give the wine a lovely balance. Fresh and floral with touches of honey.

Picpoul de Pinet (vg) 27.95
Beranger Cave de Pommerols, Southern France
A burst of aromatic complexity: citrus fruit and floral notes combined together with mineral notes. Elegant and fine wine and a refreshing, delicate finish.

Albarino (vg) 29.95
Orballo, Rias Baixas, Spain
Aromas of mango, orange and ripe apple and white stone fruits. A well structured palate, balanced and fresh, with a rich
tropical character and a lingering finish.

175ML / 250ML / BTL

Garnacha Rosé, Vina Temprana 4.50 / 6.00 / 18.00

Pinot Grigio Blush, Folonari 5.00 / 6.50 / 20.00

Provence Rosé (vg) 27.95
Diamarine Coteaux Varois Rose, France
Pale pink, very expressive on the nose. Deliciously tangy on the palate with fresh fruit and citrus peel aromas,
leading to a very elegant finish.

175ML / 250ML / BTL

Tempranillo, Vina Temprana (vg) 4.50 / 6.00 / 18.00

Montepulcciano, Folonari 5.00 / 6.50 / 20.00

Merlot, Tierra Del Ray 5.50 / 7.00 / 22.00

Shiraz (vg) 25.95
Pasquiers Shiraz, Southern France
Enticing aromas of juict cherry, plum and blackberry. The palate is succulent and spicy with mouthfuls of lush,
ripe berry fruit flavours with a touch of coffee and spice.

Malbec (v) 27.95
Toso Estate, Mendoza, Argentina
Ripe fruits on the nose with aromas of plums and quince and a touch of elegant oak. Blackberry and liquorice fruit
on the palate lead onto a rich and long finish.

Chianti Aldobrando (vg) 29.95
Tuscany, Italy
Deep ruby red in colour with complex notes of sweet violet and vanilla. Medium bodied and well-balanced with flavours
of soft berry fruits and a pleasant, spicy aftertaste.

125ML / BTL

Prosecco, Terra Serena Brut (vg) 4.50 / 27.00

Spumante Rose 29.95
Cavicchiolo, Modena, Italy
Lustrous light pink colour, fresh and aromatic with ripe red berry fruit flavours and a delicate mousse.

Champagne 49.95
De Vilmont Blanc de Blanc Brut, France
This champagne is clear and brilliant with a golden straw colour and has an extremely fine and persistent perlage. Sweet, frruity and floral flavours on the nose.



Irn Bru 2.50

Diet Irn Bru 2.50

Coke 2.75

Diet Coke 2.50

Coke Zero 2.50

Sprite 2.50

Fanta Orange 2.50

Appletiser 2.75

Tomato Juice 3.00


Tonic 2.00

Light Tonic 2.00

Ginger Ale 2.00

Ginger Beer 2.00

Redbull 2.75

Still Water 2.00

Sparkling Water 2.00



Coke 2.00/2.75
Diet Coke 2.00/2.75
Lemonade 2.00/2.75
Tonic 2.00/2.75
Soda 1.00/2.00
Orange 2.00/2.75
Apple 2.00/2.75
Cranberry 2.00/2.75
Pineapple 2.00/2.7

Espresso 2.2

Dbl Espresso 2.8

Americano 2.6

Macchiato 2.6

Flat White 2.8

Latte 3.2

Cappuccino 3.2

Mocha 3.6

Hot Chocolate 3.6

Hot Chocolate with cream and marshmallows 4.4

Add Syrup 0.5
Add Liqueur 3

Tea 2.2

Speciality Tea 2.6